The last days on Stromboli

“This is the end”, not only is this the jingle of an Italian radio show that I regularly listened to over the last years, but this is also the end of my time in Italy and of Code Cables reporting from Rome. And while a recent article from a big international newspaper gives you the … Continue reading


Yesterday, the now yearly appointment for modern dance afficionados, the “Festival della Danza” (in its fourth edition) premiered with an interpretation of Federico Fellini’s master piece “Amarcord” at ‘Teatro Olimpico‘ to a packed house. Created by coreographer Luciano Cannito and featuring a ‘bravissimo’ Nicolo Noto as young Fellini, this 1930s-style dance revue recalls Fellini’s semi-autobiographic … Continue reading

Tombs of the Scipioni

Less known today, the tombs of the Scipioni family were once part of any Grand Tour since their rediscovery in the 17th century, made famous also through Alessandro Verri’s novel “Le notti romane”. Constructed along the Via Appia Antica during the Republican time, the oldest parts of the burial site date back to the 3rd … Continue reading

The Mosque

The city that headquarters the catholic church in the country next door, is also the home of one of Europe’s largest mosques. It was built in the early 1990 on the foot of the Parioli hills, when most Muslims were employees of nearby embassies. Today, it is the only mosque in Rome and caters to … Continue reading


With the third government change underway in Italy in the three years that I have been living here, it is high time to visit the Italian Parliament, where it all is supposed to happen. The seat of the ‘Camera dei Deputati‘ is ‘Palazzo Montecitorio’, which was built by the Doria-Pamphilj Pope Innocent X (who also … Continue reading

An architectural jewel in Rome’s periphery

Rome can be quite an architecture Mecca, just think of all what Vitruvius taught ancient Roman builders, and of the Baroque marvels given to us by the likes of Francesco Borromini. Concerning the 21st century, fellow blogger Moscerina even heralds “Rome’s new architectural renaissance”. After more than two years in Rome, I finally managed to … Continue reading

The most prestigious embassy in the world

Architecture and design of an embassy building can tell you a lot about the country residing in it. Take for instance the modern, stylish Nordic Embassies in Berlin, or the über-security bunker of the US in Dar-es-Salaam. In Rome, there are about 350 embassies or permanent missions (accredited to the Republic of Italy, the Holy … Continue reading

Censure in the 21st century?

After a very long sumer break, Code Cables comes back with a bang. The day Italy experienced its pastagate, a contemporary art gallery in Rome was the scene of another kind of 21st century censure. The recently established Galleria l’Opera by Andrea Iezzi was inaugurated on 25 September 2013 with the exposition “Trialogo”, featuring, among … Continue reading

Elba in 36 hours

Especially in the summer, it is good from time to time to leave the city, and given Italy’s topography, the coast is an obvious choice for a long weekend get-away. Although not really around the corner, I recently had the chance to visit the lush island Elba, off the coast of Tuscany, when a friend … Continue reading


Summer time and the living is easy… High time therefore to add my grain of salt to the best ‘gelato’ in Rome discussion. Far more experienced culinary experts even go so far to declare it the best gelato in the world. So here come my all time Roman favourites: Vice – every single flavour I … Continue reading

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